Guiding principles of the Academy Theater

In the Academy Theater we strive to work together in an atmosphere of respect and appreciation

1. Respect for each other

  • We are actively committed to the acceptance of differing opinions.
  • We respect diversity.
  • We respect personal boundaries.
  • We appreciate the work done by all crafts and trades.

2. Respect for the space and material things

  • We use all the equipment and materials provided to us responsibly and economically.
  • We are mindful of the theater space and treat it with care and respect. 

3. Communication

  • We regularly exchange views frankly and objectively.
  • We adhere to the agreements and rules made.
  • We ensure that all those involved are fully informed about the issues concerning them at all times.

4. Equality

  • Acknowledgement of specific individual situations and characteristics is a duty for us.
  • We are jointly responsible for interacting with each other fairly and justly.
  • We actively respond to discriminatory or offensive speech and actions with regard to national or ethnic origin, social status, religion, political conviction, gender, age, sexual orientation, diseases or disabilities, or any other personal characteristics.
  • All students, instructors and staff of the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts have the same right to corresponding protective measures and assistance.
  • Disregarding these principles will entail disciplinary measures. 

5. Ethics

  • We work together responsibly and with dedication.
  • We help and support each other mutually.
  • Through our work, we jointly represent the Academy Theater and the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts.