Festival of Bavarian Drama and new Folk Theater (Festival für Bairische Dramatik und neues Volkstheater)

28.-30. April 2023

The new festival, launched by the Theater Regensburg, is intended to promote plays by authors of and themes from the Bavarian language and cultural region.
Over a long weekend, the Theater Regensburg in cooperation with the Turmtheater and the Academy Theater will present contributions from its own members, readings and discussion formats.

The Academy Theater will participate on 29 April at 7:30 p.m. with a reading from the novel Tannöd (The Murder Farm), which was first published in 2006.
In the most remote Bavarian hinterland: An entire family is annihilated in one night, beaten to death with a pickaxe. Now, the site of this crime is just called The Murder Farm, the isolated property of the Danner family in Tannöd, with no trace of the murderer ...
Recipient of the Deutscher Krimi Preis (German Crime Writers' Prize), the Friedrich-Glauser Preis and the Swedish Crime Fiction Prize.

The reading will be held in the Theater am Haidplatz.
It will be presented by instructors and students of the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts:
Anika Kühl (actress), Doris Dubiel (actress), Oliver Severin (actor), Benedikt Reidenbach (narrator) and Joshua Jacobs (Acting student), Dominic Jarmer (Acting student), Dyana Krupezki (Acting student), Etienne Moussou (Acting student), Tara Oestreich (Acting student), Annnalena Oswald (Acting student), Antonia Tenbrock (Acting student)

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Armin Mueller-Stahl

Concert: Es gibt Tage.... (There are days…)

A retrospective of the life of Armin Mueller-Stahl in film

The 90-minute film is a retrospective of the life of Armin Mueller-Stahl, with many songs from his last concert in the Berliner Wintergarten(Winter Garden Berlin) and in-depth interviews with the man himself. His musical collaborators also speak: Günther Fischer and Tobias Morgenstern among others. The film is a highly touching portrayal not only of the public successes but also the private moments of this extraordinary artist.

The centerpiece of the film is a concert given by Armin Mueller-Stahl at the Berliner Wintergarten in 2018. In the interview between self-penned songs, for which he plays violin, accompanied by distinguished musicians, the actor, musician, painter and poet looks back on his life and career.

The film, which is not available in public distribution and has also never been broadcast on television, will be shown exclusively at the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts on 19 March 2023.

The Jupiter Project

Students of the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts are part of the international Jupiter Project


International object theater for young audiences

A cooperation between the Theater Mummpitz, the Compagnie Gare Centrale (Belgium) and the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts (Regensburg).

A production is created in a two-year project phase under the direction of Agnes Limbos of the Compagnie Gare Centrale, the objects are used as means of expression of extraordinary poetry. Jointly with students of the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts and four international European guests, the ensemble of the Theater Mummpitz will be introduced to working with objects in two workshops. Two work meetings will also be held as part of the European-Bavarian Children's Theater Festival panoptikum which offers students and professional artists the opportunity to make contacts, build international networks and gain entry to new areas for work.

Sponsored in the Jupiter program of the Federal Cultural Foundation. Sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Theater Students' Conference in Regensburg

This year, the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADK Bayern) will host the Theater Students' Conference - (Konferenz der Theaterstudierenden - KdTS)

June 10 - 12: We are delighted that the KdTS 2022 will be held at the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts, and therefore in Regensburg. This will also be a singular occasion for our training institution and for the city.

This is an event organized by the the " Young Theater Company Network" (Junges Ensemble Netzwerk - JEN). The JEN is a network of students from drama colleges throughout the German-speaking area. The conference, which is held every year, is organized by the students themselves. Interesting speakers are invited, and on this weekend the emphasis is placed firmly on exchange among theater students in all disciplines from as many colleges as possible. The theme of this conference is "Mental health in the theater and in teaching". 

For complete information about the Theater Students' Conference (KdTS)

Drama School meeting in Leipzig

Unofficial meeting of drama school students in Leipzig – Cooperatively coordinated theater festival in the Blackbox of the University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig (Hochschule für Musik und Theater - HMT), followed by celebration.

From April 29 until May 1, 2022: Every year, the second year students at the HMT Leipzig organize an unofficial meeting in Leipzig for all second year students of state drama schools. Unfortunately, the event was not held for the last two years because of pandemic. The drama school meeting is inspired by the idea of exchange, not of competition.

This year, students in their second year at the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADK Bayern) took part for the first time, with a short contribution.