The mission the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts (BADA) has set for itself is to be a high quality training institution in the field of contemporary performing arts.

As such, its primary aim is to support highly talented young people in developing their artistic personalities, with all their creativity, sensitivity, imagination and ingenuity. At the same time, it seeks to teach them the necessary technical skills and professional expertise to prepare them as completely as possible for their chosen profession. In this spirit, the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts offers a structured curriculum designed to create the conditions for a potentially promising career that is seen and felt to be founded on substantive instruction.

The practical training delivered at the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts is deliberately based on personal experience in public performances and with participants in theater education projects and the corresponding immediate feedback.

To this end,

  • the acting students perform in public from the start of the course,
  • the stage direction students' projects are subjected to public view,
  • the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts operates its own children's acting school and drama clubs for adolescents and adults on behalf of the theater education students,
  • the Academy Theater Regensburg with its public performances collaborates with the Specialist Academy, so that acting students occasionally get the opportunity to perform onstage together with professional actresses and actors,
  • external projects are undertaken mostly with the cooperation partners of the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts.

"Anyone who wants to learn to drive must make themselves at home in traffic, not just in the parking lot."


Elmar Cichy 
Academy Director