Situation of the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Academy Theater in the "Theater District"

The main Academy building stands at Kreuzgasse 5, several auxiliary buildings for teaching are located within walking distance. 
The location is very central, in the middle of the World Cultural Heritage City Regensburg, very close to the major venues of the Theater Regensburg, the big house on Bismarckplatz, the Velodrom, the Junges Theater, the Haidplatztheater and the Thon-Dittmer-Palais for open-air productions. The Statt-Theater, the Turmtheater and the Figurentheater im Stadtpark the most important private theaters in the city, are also in the immediate vicinity. The Academy and the collaborating Academy Theater, also located at Kreuzgasse 5, complement the city's "Theater District" that surrounds the Arnulfsplatz, in this disposition unique in Germany.

The building is barrier-reduced and provides easy accessibility for people with restricted mobility. You can find more information about barrier-free and barrier-reduced accessibility here...


Stages in the building at Kreuzgasse 5

The professionally managed Academy Theater Regensburg offers several performance venues within the same building. The most important of these is the Theater im Alten Malsaal (Theater in the Old Paintings Gallery) immediately below the roof, with supply rooms and a theater bar as well as its glorious balcony with views over the rooftops of Regensburg. The building also houses several other rehearsal stages and performance rooms: The Studio stage on the third floor, the rehearsal stage on the second floor, Regensburg's smallest stage in the Academy canteen, and the multipurpose Kellertheater (Basement Theater). Some events and productions also take place outside the building, hosted by cooperation partners of the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts.

We have Akram Sultan to thank for the artistic design of the Academy Theater stairwell, the Academy canteen and the theater bar.


History of the building at Kreuzgasse 5

In 1919, reflecting the wishes of Bismarck himself, a law was passed that guaranteed support for any German who was unable to provide for himself. Among other consequences of this remarkable piece of legislation, the house at Kreuzgasse 5 was built as a labor and social welfare office, and completed in 1920. For a number of years it also served as a baths and washhouse. In those days, most people did not have baths in their own homes, so they came here every week to bathe.

In the 1970s, the building was repurposed to house the city's choir and music school. In the late 1990s, while the Stadttheater (now Theater Regensburg) was being refurbished, several of its departments, including its dramaturgy department, parts of the tailoring function and the paintings gallery among others were also accommodated in Kreuzgasse 5.

Since 2018, almost a hundred years after its completion, the building is home to the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts (BADA). After years of planning and modernization, it is now a training facility for the dramatic arts.

A house rich in history. One which has already been filled with art and culture for a very long time – and now also with young people and the young at heart, who have made it their purpose to release these same important commodities into the world.

The Academy Theater Regensburg is on the 4th floor of the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts, in the old paintings gallery. A fully equipped theater seating for 115 and state-of-the art stage technology. This is where students can practice their craft in front of the public from the first year of their studies.