Audition for the Acting course

Candidates must prepare the following for the audition:

  • A free choice of one monolog from the classic and one from the modern repertoire, each no more than six minutes long. A third monolog is recommended, but not essential.
  • A free choice of song. (During the examination (preliminary round), a répétiteur is not present.) 
  • Besides any costume, please bring comfortable clothing to the audition.

To assist with choosing a monolog, we recommend the "Monolog" books published by the Henschel Verlag, for example: "101 Monologe"

The audition process for the Acting course is organized as follows:

Organization of the audition process for the Acting course:

The day of the preliminary audition (preliminary examination) for the Acting course is typically organized as follows:

  • The candidate will be informed in advance of the time of the examination, which is usually between 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
  • Upon arrival, the candidate will be given about 30 minutes warm-up time
  • This will be followed by an interview with the examining panel lasting about 30 minutes (personal application interview, viewing of the monologs / performance of the song by each candidate individually. Note: Monologs are not always viewed in their entirety)
  • Successful candidates will immediately advance to the final round

Final round for the Acting course:

This round is in the form of a combined workshop lasting several days.

Besides improvizations and work on the audition roles, dance/movement and voice/singing are also examined.

In some cases, applicants are given individual tasks to prepare for the final round.

The examining panel consists of at least 5 examiners.