Study at the Academy

The Theater Education course

The training course for qualification as theater educator offered by the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts (BADA) is one of the most comprehensive in Germany. A unique feature of this course is that it provides students the opportunity to gain substantial experience in the Stage Direction and Acting courses as well, and parts of the training are conducted jointly with the Stage Direction and Acting students. Only one or two training places are offered per year.

In the discipline of Theatre Education Practice, the Academy emphasizes the connection to current themes, age-appropriate interaction with children and adolescents, awareness of a broad spectrum of plays for children and adolescents, the ability to initiate, conduct and complete projects, as well as professional guidance of theater pedagogical projects with adults.

The aim of the training is to prepare students for the widest possible range of target groups and fields of activity in theater education. Accordingly, play direction addresses groups of all age levels and compositions, even though the main focus of production practice during the course concentrates on theater for children and adolescents. 

The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts has been a member of the Federal Association of Theater Educators - Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik e.V. "BUT" – since January 1, 2014

Theater Education has enjoyed an enormous increase in demand for some time. More and more institutions are incorporating theater pedagogical methods: for example, in the artistic or cultural education field (community theaters/music theaters, free theaters, museums, youth art schools and youth and sociocultural centers), in educational settings (schools, colleges, adult education), in social environments (preventive, group and target group work), in the therapeutic sector and in commerce (training sessions, events and motivational roles). The significance of theater education methods in the context of optional all-day schools is also particularly notable.



Facts and Figures

The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts is a state-funded and state-accredited private Specialist Academy for Acting, Stage Direction and Theater Education. It is also accredited in respect of the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG), a federal law in support of education for which students can apply individually.

The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts offers students a tuition-free, four-year training course in Theater Education.

Degree upon graduation: professional qualification degree

Training is divided into a foundation course (years 1 and 2) and a main course (years 3 and 4).
In the first year, teaching is conducted jointly with the students in the Acting and Stage Direction courses.

Starting already in the first year of the course, teaching is organized in the context of one-on-one, small group and ensemble lessons. 

Lessons are scheduled for full-day participation from Monday to Friday, occasionally supplemented on weekends by theater productions and workshops.