Audition for the Theater Education course

Candidates must prepare the following for the audition:


  • A free choice of one monolog from the classic or the modern repertoire, not more than six minutes long
  • Statement explaining the candidate’s wish to pursue this career path as a basis for an audition interview


To assist with choosing a monolog, we recommend the "Monolog" books published by the Henschel Verlag, for example: "101 Monologe"

The audition process for the Theater Education course is organized as follows:

Combined warm-up

Round 1: After a personal application interview, the 5-person examining board will view the  monolog and task the applicant with "Developing a Theater Education project"  for a specified setting. Candidates are given 2 hours to complete the development.

Round 2: Presentation of the developed concept (on the same day as Round 1). After deliberation by the examining committee and if a candidate passes round 2, they are invited to the final round.

This round is in the form of a combined workshop lasting several days.

In the final round, particular attention is paid to the candidate’s leadership personality, artistic and esthetic accessibility and their interpretation of texts. Project performance and the examination are held over 2 days.