The "Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts" as a vector of culture

The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts is a non-profit facility with a mission to promote the Arts and Culture in Bavaria. To this end, it pursues exclusively and directly not-for-profit activities as defined in the section "Tax-advantaged purposes" of the German Tax Code. 

According to a decision of August 26, 2010, confirmation of financial support within the meaning of § 10b of the Income Tax Act can be issued in writing. The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts appreciates all support of any kind!

The City of Regensburg

The City of Regensburg has supported the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts since 2018 by providing the classrooms in the premises on Kreuzgasse, an address in the very heart of Regensburg.

Greeting by the Cultural Policy Advisor of the City of Regensburg

The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts has been an enduring element of the cultural life in Regensburg for years, and in that time it has earned itself a permanent place in the affections of the people of the city. In its function as a place of education, it informs, influences and shapes the cultural future of Regenburg with regard to the dramatic arts in an entirely unique fashion. Since its very beginnings in 2001, when the Acting school was founded in Regensburg as a specialized vocational school and in turn transformed with bewildering speed into the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts, the academy has earned an enviable reputation. In this establishment, young people receive substantive, comprehensive training in the study areas of Acting, Stage Direction and Theater Education. Speaking from my position as a cultural policy advisor, what pleases me particularly about the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts is that it brings young artists to Regensburg – and this in turn generates enormous added value for the city and urban community. Because it is the young above all who see the city with fresh eyes and accordingly respond to it in quite unconventional ways, thus enriching the cultural life in Regensburg incalculably.

It is also immensely important for the City of Regensburg that the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts offers classes and seminars that are open to all residents of the city. The classes offered by the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts sparkle in their diversity: Besides classes and workshops such as Improvization, Body Language or Articulation for adults, for example, there are also wonderful theater classes for children and adolescents.

We are delighted to be able to support the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts in Regensburg. We watch the steady growth of the Academy with great admiration, and we trust that the Executive Team as well as all the instructors and students, and the members of the ensemble will continue to showcase their creative talents in productions to great public acclaim for many years to come.

Your Wolfgang Dersch
Cultural Policy Advisor

Greeting by the Mayoress of the City of Regensburg

"To me, the stage seems to be the meeting place between art and life." - These words by the Irish writer and dramatist Oscar Wilde could have been aimed specifically at the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts, had they not flowed from his pen over 100 years before the Academy was founded in 2001. Yet their meaning remains as vital today as it ever was.

There is hardly any other place where the art of acting is entangled so intimately with life as here in the classrooms at Kreuzgasse 5. I am delighted that we are able to support the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts with a long-term rent agreement and voluntary assistance in their work which is so vital to our cultural landscape. The Academy is the indispensible complement to our higher education landscape and the creative industry in our city. But it not only enriches the culture of Regensburg, more importantly still, it also enriches the lives of the people!

It is important to make everyone who lives in the city aware of the immensely diversified programs on offer; the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts is not just another training establishment for the professional actors of the future. It offers both young and old the opportunity to revel in their own creativity, because all of life is a stage.

I would like to offer my warmest thanks to everyone who is involved in this undertaking for their commitment. I hope they are able to reach as many creative spirits as possible in the city of Regensburg and the surrounding region.

Your Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer

Photo documentation: City of Regensburg

VR-Bank Niederbayern-Oberpfalz: Premium Partner of ADK Bayern

The VR Bank Niederbayern-Oberpfalz eG (formerly PSD Bank Niederbayern-Oberpfalz eG) has supported the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts for many years. As a PremiumPartner the bank has lent its help from the beginning of the journey until the establishment and operation of a Specialist Academy for Acting, Stage Direction and Theater Education.

Community commitment and social responsibility are firmly embedded in the principles of the corporate philosophy of the VR Bank Niederbayern-Oberpfalz, and are lived and actively advanced by the Board of Directors and staff alike. The primary focus is on support for social institutions such as kindergartens, schools, clubs or nursing homes, as well as promoting projects dedicated specifically to environmental protection objectives.