Tuition and federal financial aid, student financing, grants and student loans

Acting, Stage Direction and Theater Education courses
Studying at the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts is free.

Elective specializations
Additional specialization subjects may be chosen as options.

Part-time jobs
The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts permits students to take part-time jobs, providing they do not conflict with the teaching program.

Federal financial aid
The Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) is a German federal law governing financial support for education for which students can apply individually. The training courses offered by the Academy are generally recognized for purposes of BAföG, and eligible students may benefit from financial assistance if the corresponding requirements are met.

Students at the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts must submit an application for federal financial aid to the BAföG Office in Regensburg, Johann-Hösl-Straße 11, 93053 Regensburg.

The address for post is: PO Box 110643, 93019 Regensburg

Contact telephone numbers according to first letter of the applicant's family name:

  • A - H: 0941 / 507 - 1516
  • I - Schm: 0941 / 507 - 1517
  • Schn - Z: 0941 / 507 - 3788

Public office hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 8.30 am - 12.00 midday
Thursday 3.00 - 5.00 pm


Useful information about federal financial aid (BAföG)

For studies at a Specialist Academy, students receive federal financial aid "for those studying" pursuant to Section 13(2) 2 BAföG (i.e. 50% grant/50% loan). This only applies if eligibility conditions are met.

Determination as to whether the conditions of Section 11(3) BAföG are met with regard to dependence on or independence of parents is made on the basis of the CV.

Applicants who already receive federal financial aid but have been studying for less than 1.5 years can change courses without difficulty. After that time, courses can only be changed with evidence of an undeniable reason.

Federal financial aid is also available for those who are not dependent on their parents. Anyone who has completed a three-year vocational training course and has gained at least three years of professional experience in that profession is entitled to claim it. See Meister-BAföG!

The training course is recognized as both technical training and professional advanced training. Accordingly, aid is available under the provisions of BAföG and of AFBG (commonly referred to as "Meister-BAföG"). These are two different grant schemes.

About the "Meister-BAföG":
Means-indexed allowances and the amount of the


Student financing

For situations that are not covered by BAföG alone, it may be beneficial to look into the area of student financing
(this deals with e.g., child allowancemaintenance claims against the parents or study loans).
Much more information about financial discounts for students (including for example health insurance for students or exemption from broadcast fees)



Information about grants is available here:


Education loans

Information on all aspects of education loans is available here:



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