Audition for the Stage Direction course

1. Written application: Submission of a stage direction concept developed in writing:

  • A stage direction concept developed in writing for a play chosen freely by the candidate. The concept should not be longer than four (typewritten) A4 pages. Sketches of the draft stage design should also be included as well as the cut version of the selected play. The submission must further include a written statement confirming that the work was prepared independently. The stage direction concept must be submitted 14 days prior to the respective audition.
    Bring all paper workings to the audit with you as well.
  • A free choice of one monolog from the classic or the modern repertoire, no more than six minutes long, must also be prepared.

2. The day of the preliminary audition (preliminary examination) for the Stage Direction course is typically organized as follows:

Combined warm-up

Morning: Personal application interview, viewing of each applicant’s monolog. Note: Monologs are not always viewed in their entirety.

If a candidate passes round 1, they are invited to the afternoon round.

Afternoon: Presentation of the stage direction concept.

If a candidate passes round 2, they are invited to the final round.

3. Final round for the Stage Direction course:

This round is in the form of a combined workshop lasting several days.

Stage Direction students are given individual tasks to prepare for the final round.

The final round may also be expanded to include rehearsal phases with Acting students, independent work on texts and presentation thereof, and other tasks.

The examining panel consists of at least 5 examiners.