History of the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts

The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts opened for the first time on Bruderwöhrdstraße on September 11, 2001. At that time, it was called the "Schauspielschule Regensburg" (Regensburg School of Acting). The idea was to found a school that would allow its pupils to gain experience on stage from the very beginning. Moreover, instructors and pupils would take the stage together. An ensemble called "Schauspiel Compagnia Regensburg” (The Regensburg Acting Company) was assembled specifically for this purpose, even though a permanent performance venue still did not exist. The school was to be open and transparent, and offer people from the region opportunities for creative further training. With this in mind, "Schauspielwerkstatt Regensburg" (Regensburg Acting Workshop) was inaugurated at the same time.

Since those days, the once tiny private establishment has worked unceasingly to improve its own quality, and consequently evolved into a state-accredited institution, funded by the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Regensburg, named the Fachakademie für Schauspiel, Regie und Theaterpädagogik (Specialist Academy for Acting, Stage Direction and Theater Education) with collaborating Academy Theater. Then in 2018, through the kind offices of the City of Regensburg, the academy was able to take occupancy of the premises on Kreuzgasse, an address in the very heart of Regensburg.

The school was founded as a specialized vocational school with the name "Schauspielschule Regensburg" (Regensburg School of Acting) under the directorship of Wolfgang Krebs and Matthias Winter.
The "Schauspiel Compagnia Regensburg" was founded with Meike Fabian as director.
The theater education institute, "Schauspielwerkstatt Regensburg" was founded with Elmar Cichy as director.

Co-founders Elmar Cichy and Meike Fabian assumed directorship of the school.

The Academy Theater Regensburg was founded.

The school was restructured as a Specialist Academy, and the application was submitted for approval as a state accredited Specialist Academy for courses in Acting, Stage Direction and Theater Education.

The last certificates awarded by the specialized vocational school "Schauspielschule Regensburg" are presented.

Accreditation process by the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) local government.
With effect from 2013, the Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts confers a professional qualification degree as a Specialist Academy.

The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts is given state accredited status and henceforth receives state funding.

The academy takes up residence in the school rooms at Kreuzgasse 5, in the heart of the Old Town, made available by the City of Regensburg.

Inauguration ceremony of Kreuzgasse 5.

The Bavarian Academy of Dramatic Arts celebrates the 20th anniversary of its founding.