Entrance requirements for the Theater Education course

All applicants must pass an audition. In order to be accepted into the course, applicants must provide evidence of outstanding artistic and pedagogical talent for the profession of Theater Educator. Such evidence is ascertained in the audition. The course also includes a probationary period.

Applicants for the Theater Education course must normally be aged between 17 and 28 at the start of their studies. Exceptions to this rule are possible in cases of exceptional artistic and pedagogical ability.

Graduation from school
Other prerequisites are at least successful intermediate school leaving qualification, preferably university entrance examination

Initial teaching or artistic training/study/practical experience
One of the following prerequisites must also be fulfilled:

  • An initial teaching or artistic training course (study or traineeship)
  • Other courses of study or training unrelated to artistic or teaching disciplines
  • At least one two-year period of relevant practical experience in a theater education setting

Occasional exceptions to the above requirements may be made in cases of outstanding artistic or pedagogical aptitude.


In addition, applicants must demonstrate that they have satisfactory mastery of the German language and their general health allows them to pursue such a career. The building is designed for accessibility by people with restricted mobility.

A fee will not be charged for attending the